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Tyde is introducing himself to the world with his three-track Tyde Levi EP, a collection of warm and fluorescent songs about love, heartbreak and adolescence that places him firmly in a pantheon of the alt-R&B auteurs that he admires. Inspired by the critically-revered emotionally resonant work of artists like Frank Ocean and SZA, the Tyde Levi EP doesn’t shoot for viral notoriety or international pop stardom. These songs, for Tyde, are the kind of songs that he likes to listen to––music that, no matter whether you’re happy or sad, will feel like exactly what you need, when you need it.

To create the Tyde Levi EP, Tyde worked with renowned songwriter Daniel Johns, as well as Cosmo’s Midnight, the Sydney avant-pop duo making waves on the internet with their production work. Big fans of both, Tyde spent three days in Daniel’s house with them working on his record. Working in the same room as some of his songwriting and production idols was good for Tyde, lending a cohesiveness to the body of work and giving him the inspiration to speak truthfully and emotionally in his lyrics. You can hear this raw emotion all through the Tyde Levi EP, from the way Tyde sings about sex in lead single “Goldchains” (featuring horns from members of seminal Philadelphia based hip hop group The Roots no less) to the pain that courses through “Sober”, a song about unrequited passion and fleeting romance. To hear such candour in music is rare; to hear it from someone so young and so new to music is practically unheard of.

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